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SAI jointly discussed the issue of public parking in Rivne (+ photos)

Head of the State of the City participated in the "literally" tuned "Equal FM in which co-initiator of the popular movement discussed the issue of violations by drivers stopping and parking of vehicles in the regional center.April 1 at 14 o'clock Head of Traffic Police of Rivne Games Sydorchuk participated in a radio program "Literally," which goes on air on local radio channel 87.8. To discuss the problem in exactly the wrong parking joined Alexander Petrovsky - initiator movement called "I parkuyus like an asshole!", Which is placed in the social network"Facebook". In a joint conversation initiator of the movement Alexander Petrovsky told the audience about the purpose of his creation and said that one expected from equation such support. Residents of the regional center every day sent to the section "I parkuyus like an asshole!" His Photofacts violations stop and parking motorists. In turn, the Steeringik City Traffic Police Games Sydorchuk thanked activists of the movement for concern and activity provision photo facts parking violations and stressed that the public due to a number of drivers were scheduled traffic police administrative reports. During the meeting they discussed proposals to restore under the current legislation onroad network regarding the parking of vehicles. - I want to take this opportunity to appeal to residents Exactly asking them to inform the next of the town by calling the State 11/30/62 violations of traffic rules, including abuse stopping and parking rules. In each such message will be sent attireSAI for drafting administrative report on the offender - said police Major Igor Sydorchuk. In conclusion, the radio program guests agreed to combine their efforts in the fight against boorish parking on the streets of our city. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region