In the Rivne region before Easter rescuers conduct briefings with

priests approaching one of the greatest Christian holidays – Easter. On this day, citizens massively attend religious institutions and their on Kostopilschyni are over 70. To feast passed without embarrassing accidents, employees 19 th State Fire districtyatuvalnoyi of PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region these days spend working churches, cathedrals and other buildings, which will be held worship. On the superiors of religious institutions and rescue workers conduct briefings during which resemble basic fire safety rules and procedure in case of fire. Co.zhnomu cleric firefighters show in detail the procedure for using a fire extinguisher and handed leaflets warning. From 11 to 13 April Kostopilschyny rescuers will be serving in emergency mode. At the time of the celebrations of the massive presence of people of all religious institutions provide alternating leadership of Mr. Serviceoryatunku area. DPRCH-19 m. Kostopil