In Zhytomyr on suspicion of murdering a man police arrested his countrymen

last argument hop during an argument between two men was a wooden stool, which proved fatal blow to one of the opponents. While the causes of conflict and sudden circumstances of the offense in criminal proceedings clarifies the police. Daywe have the duty of the police called Korostensky Gorotdel resident of one of the villages in the area and reported that a neighbor's house, she found the body of a host with a broken head. - At the address immediately went investigative team. During the inspection of the scene version of the violent death of her husband confirmed, nearthe body of the deceased was found and removed the wreckage of a wooden chair with brown spots. Operatives have started work on the installation of all the circumstances - the chief of police Korosten Games Zhmida. It was found that 35-year-old previously had problems with the law and lived in the house itself. According to the villagers, from time to time he frequenteddrunken fellow at the banquet. The night before people saw that stayed in the household of the deceased 34-year-old odnoselets, who also had behind a conviction for committing a serious crime. For several hours police established his whereabouts. According detainee during a joint drinking alcohol between him and the ownerhome conflict, in the midst of which the visitor grabbed a stool and struck his opponent. - Now people detained in order st.208 (Detention authorized officer) of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. However, the information included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations and criminal proceedings initiated by Part 1 st.115 (Umysne murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, - said Igor Zhmida. - Detained officially announced on suspicion of committing a felony. Currently under a number assigned in the case of examinations. Under the current criminal law, for murder man facing imprisonment for a term of 7 to 15 years. In thesimultaneous police remind: the crimes for common statement "commits vodka" must meet the man who abused her. But do not forget about it, picking up another glass. In the heat of the debate do not lose common sense and try to soberly assess the situation, because the instant flash of cruelty can cast onstorm of life and your future. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Korostensky MB