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Ten investigators headed by the chief of the Criminal Investigation MIA Volyn returned from the zone

ATO arrival of the units of the eagerly awaited family and colleagues, but most kids missed the dads that flowers and joyous laughter ringing immediately rushed to embrace them. In eastern Ukraine, except for dutyand at checkpoints, detectives worked on solving crimes, ensure public order and helping colleagues a district in the eastern areas of daily work. Law enforcement officials say that for the duration of stay in the area ATO they felt safe and sincere support of colleagues and relatives. - We are proud of your samovidgiven, - said Deputy Head of Department - Head of Criminal Police Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region Alexander Balytskyi. - You deserve the best gratitude for being with honor and dignity fulfill their duties. The police, in turn, noted that all as one, ready to go to the eastern border to the children neverand have not seen war. Tired men can stay in the circle of family and friends, because they will rest a few days, and then return to duty. After sincere words and embraces all comers were photographed in memory. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region