In the Zhytomyr region on day 4 fire rescuers eliminated in residential and hospodrchyh buildings, some of which was due to oven heating

31 March at 13:35 on the item called ’ communications 24th State Fire and Rescue village of Lyubar was reported fire summer kitchen in the village Borushkivtsi. Upon arrival firefighters to places offment was found that the fire reached the roof of the building. Due to operational actions are fire was localized at 14:07 and completely eliminated at 14:57. Because only event destroyed the roof of the building. Samuel kitchen was saved. How can ’ it turned out later, the owner of melted stove and went out to do household chores. Returning, she'll seeLa fire. Probable fire occurred due to violation of fire safety in the operation of furnace heating. Since the entire chimney cracks and hay stored in the loft, which is likely and took over. After heating stove that day at 17:28 there was a fire in another summer kitchen in the village Czerniawka, Podkarpackie Voivodeship Chervonoarmiiskyi area. This time vohnebortsyam was saved from the fire house, which is located at a distance of 5 meters from the hearth fire. However, the fire had destroyed the roof. Also a day firefighters have twice traveled to extinguish fires in residential building in the village Holubiyivka Korostyshiv district and household buildings in the village of Sands Zhytomyr paradiseONU. As a result of the fires killed and injured there. All the circumstances of events established professionals. Dear residents of the area! Management DSNS Ukraine in Zhytomyr region warns you strictly adhere to the following rules of fire safety in their own homes heating. The main requirements for heating stoves are: - The oven should be vFire rozdilky (vidstupky) from combustible structures; - Inspect structural condition stoves, chimneys for cracks; - Firebox door and pidduvala be serviceable; - On the floor under the furnace door should nail metal sheet size 50 × 70 cm; - All chimneys and walls in the attic, where are flues, MAyut be zashtukatureni and whitewashed; - Ash and slag is removed from the furnace, it is necessary to pour water and make in designated areas; - Clean the chimney and furnace soot should be before the heating season and at least once every three months. It is strictly prohibited: - Leave the furnace molten, unattended, and entrust supervisionfor their children; - Apply to fuel furnaces flammable and combustible liquids (gasoline, kerosene, etc.); - Dry and furnaces to make clothing, wood and other combustible items and materials; - Placed combustibles before kiln; - Fix for chimneys antenna television, radio etc. - Permit the operation of defective Pecand. Pam ’ Yatai! Strict adherence to these simple rules — guarantee of your safety! In DSNS in Zhytomyr region