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Information about mining shopping center in Lutsk not confirmed (UPDATED) With

buildings were evacuated more than 700 people. Inspection of the scene lasted several hours. In another part of OCD AMIA Ukraine in the Volyn region was reported bomb threats shopping center in Lutsk. Law enforcement officials conducted a series of events, including surrounded territotory, blocked traffic and evacuated to a safe distance of more than 700 employees and visitors institution. - At the scene working dog handlers and Explosives experts - said Acting Head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region police colonel Anatoly Petrushin. - After a thorough inspection area and vehicles that have been inParked nearby, police explosive items were found. According to this fact begun preliminary inquiry under Part. 1, Art. 259 (Knowingly false report of a threat to the safety of citizens, destruction or damage of property). Joker faces up to six years in prison. Police carry out activities to establishI am the person who reported psevdozaminuvannya. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region