In the Transcarpathian region during the fire 21-year-old boy was poisoned by carbon monoxide

the night of 17 February with. Ganych Tiachiv area on fire in the street facilities at the private dvorohospodarstva. Flame ’ i, which included hay in the building, neighbors saw the mansion owners. They woke the owners, who also slept at home, and at 01: 04 reported the event to the investigation and search operations. To fight the fire fighters left the State Fire and Rescue village post oak. Prior to their arrival on the scene coincided residents of nearby houses and began self extinguish flame ’ i. The case went firefighters who localize fire at 1:33 and at 01:47 – liquidityits walls. During the fire was poisoned by carbon monoxide 21-year-old nephew of the owner, who took an active part in taming the elements. Man hospitalized in therapy department Tiachiv hospital. Physicians currently assess his condition as moderate. The final cause of the fire is currently set guards. Likely to fire athas reduced short circuit in wiring street facilities. The fire fire destroyed one ton of hay and damaged 20 square meters. m. roof, trees ’ yane floors and walls of buildings. Caused investigation. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region