In Vinnytsia about changes in the appointment of privileged pensions and seniority

According to the Department of Pension Fund of Ukraine in Vinnytsia region, from April 2015 gradually increasing age of women needed to pensions on preferential terms: - From 45 to 50 years who were born after 04.01.1970; (Especially 1 listespecially harmful and difficult profession and work, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine); - From 50 to 55 women who were born after 04/01/1965 (list 2 - (tractor-driver, milkmaids, Pig engaged in growing tobacco, textile production workers, drivers of urban passenger transport). This process will be gradual10 years - every year for 6 months. The above change is the need to agree on preferential retirement age for women from the general retirement age for women is gradually changing from 1 October 2011. Also in stages 6 months a year changing the overall experience for the purpose of privileged pensions. This is necessary in Mayyvalist preferential seniority remains unchanged. In addition, 5 years gradually over 10 years 6 months per year varies the length of the total length of service required for a pension for retirement for certain categories of workers, such as: working locomotive crews, field exploration, logging and lisosplaviv, Navy crew, staff education and health, artists and more. Terms pensions for retirement in the length of the previously acquired special experience remain unchanged. For example, a teacher, a doctor, who on April 1, 2015 worked for 25 years, can at any time after termination of employment with usevoyim right and assign a pension for retirement. Changes in assignment of privileged pensions and pensions for retirement will affect only new pensioners. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration