Vinnytchina "Fiscal" - only title, our goal is to be service center for taxpayers "- Miroslav Sold

" Despite the very name department main goal of our work? not strict control, and providing a variety of administrative and consulting services to taxpayers "? said Head of Vinnitsa sneaks Miroslav Prodan. To navigate, hand at the appropriate level provided this feature, head holds regular meetings with business and community carefully listens to their comments, suggestions and they react accordingly. Recently Sold met with Miroslav known in the region of small and medium-sized businesses Sergei cabbage. Communicating, he was interested orhave difficulties to implement the entities legislative requirements, what are the prospects of development, there are no abuses on the side of workers fiscal authorities. Miroslav V. thanked entrepreneur that even in these difficult economic and political conditions unable to work for filling budgets and do not forget the social compositionvu. "In the Directorate of DFS Vinnichiny door is always open. We easily explain the changes and to discuss the problem and not bring it to the litigation. We do not want to punish the employers, but rather try to prevent penalties or conflict "? Miroslav Prodan said. The official says that the public desires and businessmanto contribute to the reform of the tax policy? not be neglected. PG DFS in Vinnitsa region This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration