In Vinnitsa region this spring to military service will be conscripted young men

1300 April 1, in Ukraine, almost eighteen months after the break, started recruitment for military service. In Vinnitsa region it started on time and organized. According to the Military Commissioner Vinnytsia Regional Military Commissariat, Colonel Gennady Dolhashova,within conscript spring campaign area will be called up for military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations in 1300 boys. Of these, 800 vinnichan serve in the armed forces, 416 boys - the National Guard of Ukraine, 84th State special transport service. This year Conscription Campaign has many novovvEden and features. In particular, as Gennady Dolhashov has changed conscription age of those who are called up in 2015. "Previously called upon young men from 18 to 25 years, is now going to take those who turned twenty, but not more than 27 years. Changed the list and those who defer subject to health and family reasons. Rightpostponement lost deputies township, city, district and regional councils, teachers working in secondary schools in rural areas do not. And guardians have the right to delay only if, apart from them, no one to take care of disabled people. Another innovation concerns the employees of the interior.Previously, they were removed from the military records in connection with the special title, and now they are just for the life period will have an extension. This means if in certain circumstances such employee is exempt from enforcement and it is under 27 years old, he is subject to conscription for military service "- said Gennady Dolhashov. Troopsovyy Commissioner Vinnytsia regional military commissariat said that the decision of the President of Ukraine one of conscripts in the zone of the antiterrorist operation ATO not send us. At Vinnytsia sending young replenishment of the regional assembly point (m.Kozyatyn) to units last from 06 April to 20 May 2015. Pryzovnyky be inducted into military units to support units. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration