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Chernivtsi region: rescuers eliminated 3 fires

During the last day in Chernivtsi region there were 3 fires, 2 of which occurred in Storozhynets. Thus, on the street. Kitsman burning house. At the time of a fire in the building was empty, as people were in another nearby apartment building. Ignition noticed susidy who reported residents, who in turn called to Nadzvychaina 101. At the scene came another guard State Fire and Rescue unit number 12 Storozhynets city and the local fire department Chudey village. The complexity of the fire was that the walls and floors of the building were trees ’ yanymy, which contributedThe rapid spread of fire. So there was a danger of tipping flame ’ I close on a house located and outbuildings. Firefighters quickly brought the fire to the extent in which they found it on arrival. Further danger was eliminated. The fire destroyed the roof of a dwelling house, household items. Throughactions of fire-rescue units rescued from fire 2 buildings. The preliminary cause of fire was violation of fire safety in the operation of furnace heating. Another fire in Storozhynets originated in farm buildings on the street. Schmidt. For 3 minutes after the call at the scene rescuers worked DPRCH number 12 Citiesand Storozhynets, who promptly eliminated fire. This managed to prevent the transfer of heat to the next are 2 houses, allowing to save them from destruction. Flame ’ holes destroyed household belongings and property. In addition, the village Mamayivtsi Kitsmansky area fire occurred on the gas pipe outbuildings. Firefightersand Kitsman city and town local fire brigade. Luzhany immediately left the place the call. Rescuers carried out work to prevent further spread of fire and gas service workers blocked the flow of gas. For a short time the fire was extinguished. On fire saved from destruction outbuildings. Press Service of Ukraine in UDSNS Chernivetskiy area