Jamal during a meeting with the settlers in Lviv urged not to give up

Crimean singer Jamal meeting with the settlers in Lviv urged them not to lose hope. As the correspondent, the singer said that she is also pereselenkoyu as living in Kiev with the Crimean residence permit and understands what it means – to leave theirmivku. She herself was in the Crimea in August last year. According Jamala, she would also experienced difficulties faced by immigrants: « When I wanted to transfer some money to his mother, and yet there is something to do in my bank said that they could not do it because they all operations occupied territories do not work & raquo ;. However, the singer is worried for their families, which remained in the Crimea. &Laquo; I am here to speak freely and easily, as you all my family, because you know what I mean. But there is still difficult to speak frankly. My mom yesterday to cry over the fact that closed the ATR. Four days ago I was on the Square in support of it. Still closed of Crimeanatarskyy channel, closed the first Ukrainian Radio Meydan. This is very sad, because it was such a charm that kept Tatar culture. This is very important because now young people can forget the Crimean Tatar language & raquo ;, – Jamal said. &Laquo; I speak in Russian life, but speak only Ukrainian, because I prefer toample know the state language and speak Ukrainian. And Tatar and Russian, and English too. It just makes us all the more educated people in the world. That we were not limited only Ukrainian. Yes, we are embroidered dress, we are very patriotic hymn sing. But not only this (deal, – ed.). We should beUchi to a very demanding. If we make music, it should be a very high-quality music. If we do a movie, it should be a very high-quality cinema. If we do not develop as a cultural nation, we do not reach & raquo ;, – she said in comments to reporters. Also, the singer added that immigrants have to provide moral support,and said that the anniversary of the deportation of Crimean Tatars she will release a new song – &Laquo; The Way Home & raquo ;. When asked how her fellow musicians from Russia to treat its position on events in Ukraine, Jamal said that it is somehow not care. &Laquo; I'm at home and fighting for his house & raquo ;, – she said. Told

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/