Local policeman care for the elderly Transcarpathians

During the week, police visited about twenty single pensioners to prevent crimes and other offenses against them. Visiting the elderly falls to Uzhgorod district inspectors Gorotdel police. Because the district - a greatemployee of the police, closest to the people, their problems, pain, and anxiety. It is the district have every day to communicate with citizens, first solve crimes and prevent their commission. The considerable attention paid to police lonely elderly. After all, this is the category of citizens in need of special support and protection. Caringing the elderly, police humanly sympathize with them and try to warm their warmth. In homes retired police do not come empty-handed. To old can enjoy the winter cold evenings, guests in uniform bring them sweets for tea. Local policeman visited by a visit to Uzhgorod old moment to meet every person, conduct preventive conversations and give business cards with the above telephone number, if necessary, to let people know where and who to call for help. Dear Diana, Uzhgorod CF MIA