On the territory of Khmelnytsky National University held a comprehensive training Object on civil protection

April 1 Khmelnytsky National University held about complex ’ yektove training on civil protection. Participation in training were representatives of the Government, PG DSNS, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Research Exportno Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Office of the Security Service, as well as faculty and students of the institution. Began training in the assembly hall, where participants discussed the validity of the faculty and students in the event of an emergency threat and terrorism. Dtional Khmelnytsky National University Nikolay Skiba noted that such a training school held in order to raise the awareness of students on civil protection, based on a complex socio-political situation in Ukraine. Practical training stage took place at the 3rd academic building educational Zakdown, and consisted of three input. During the first introductory sounded the alarm « Attention everyone! & Raquo ;, after which the students through the university announced warning of a possible application of air bombing attack in the city. Teaching staff and students were organized by audience and headed to the University of protective structuresversity. Moving students led curators and old age groups, and to prevent panic, psychologists and university students of psychology in practice worked and psychological support staff and students during the evacuation and stay in the defenses. During the passage of the educational process at the centralth input 3rd Corps students came across a suspicious suitcase, which probably is an explosive device. After receiving information about the situation that has arisen, employees of Internal Affairs organized environment protection and detection of suspicious object space. Based on the mobile operative group from the DSNS's guidingtstvom representative of the SBU organized the headquarters of the emergency response in the composition of the University and all emergency services. Fire and rescue units in place of a possible emergency situation underwent surgical deployment, emergency crews Khmelnitskgaz shut off the gas network, ready to give IUmedical aid experts were emergency medical care and disaster medicine. After examination unattended suitcase Explosives disposal of spent hazardous object. Such training participants worked through issues during the second introductory. Soon began working third introductory, according to which students of massbegan to complain of poor health due to air in an unknown chemical. Student hundreds University, acting as rescue units, before the arrival of fire-rescue units found unconscious victims and gave their doctors. Employees chemical and radiological laboratory Rescue Division specialsialnoho appointment with gas analyzer examined educational building and determined the type of hazardous chemicals. In addition, rescuers had evakuyovuvaty « victims » roof of school building using ladders AD-30, and the windows – Rescue Device « Cube Life & raquo ;. Deputy Head Gomain thing is control DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region Crooked Victor said about that ’ yektovi formation of civil defense university and specialized civil defense regional center ready for tasks during a possible terrorist attack. Deputy Chief of DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnitsky regionCrooked Victor said that about After completing the training, students had the opportunity to inspect equipment and machinery workers Research Forensic Centre, investigation and search operations, and read the relevant information in a mobile consulting center the Training Centre for Civil Protection and Bezpeky life Khmelnitsky region. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast

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