Khmelnytsky region, rescuers eliminated the effects of Hurricane

April 1 at 12:29 on the item called ’ communication rescuers in. Krasilov was reported that in the village. Kuzmin due to Hurricane roadway and fallen tree blocked vehicular traffic. At the scene immediately came another branch of the 14 th State Fireat rescue of the city. Krasilov. Rescuers using chainsaws sawed fallen tree and removed it from the road. On the same day at 14:25 similar message was sent to rescue the city. Starokostiantyniv. On the street. Krupskaya due to bad weather tree fell on the house. Rescuers quickly sawed wood and fired from his roof inhlovoho house. Total to mitigate the consequences of bad weather involved 12 people for 2 vehicles. Accident was not. HUDSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast