Privat will enable Ukrainian marry in bank branches

On April 1, will enable Ukrainian Privat marry in electronic format and conduct ceremonies in bank branches. As April 1st Vice Chairman of the Board Dmitry Dubilet, this service is for customers Privat free. To atspeak of marriage as a Privat need register online bank Privat24 and to consent to marriage through SMS-password, which will go to finance the phone. "One of the most popular services of the Ministry of Justice registered marriage. Now Ukrainian can marry because privat24 and in PrivatBank. The pilot project launchedDnipropetrovsk and Lviv this month and is scheduled to start nationwide late summer - said Dmitry Dubilet. - The signature of the Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko was received yesterday. Thank you, Pavel, with openness to innovation! " As stated in the Privat in the reform of the civil registration SteeringMAP bank branches after undergoing additional training principles of public policy and registration oratory will be able to carry out the registration of marriages and ceremonies. Ceremony held in our bank branches where there is room for VIP-clients. The consent of the couple confirmed via SMS-password on Financeovyy phone number. If necessary, the department staff can witness the solemn event. Marriage certificate sent to the specified address by courier within a few days. Today Ukraine has 2 500 branches Privat, bank serves more than 18 million private customers and 235,000 corporate clients. More aboutBank initiative on e-government - are: