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In Ternopil, a working group on demobilization of

A working group on demobilization of which will carry out coordination in providing medical care demobilized in the region, reported at the Department of Health Ternopil Regional State Administration. According to Deputy Director Departamentu health ODA, the working group chairman Victor Ovcharuk, it includes the heads of regional health care settings. "Currently, we have developed a roadmap for treatment and rehabilitation of demobilized - said Victor. - We also aim to establish a register of demobilized at the place of residence. Doruchennya about this already given to the Chief Health, Safety and medzabezpechennya, heads of departments and sectors of health care district administrations and chief physicians of medical institutions. They were also secured control of constant renewal and informing the relevant department of organizational support, personnelPolicy and legal department. " According to Victor Ovcharuk throughout the area will be created and regional working groups in charge of coordinating the work on the organization of outpatient, hospital, medical and psychological assistance to demobilized persons. They actually have to provide, if necessary, and extraordinaryovyy review mechanism demobilized. According to the press service DOSES Toda This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration