In Ternopil traffic police summed up preventive measures for passenger vehicles

Preventive measures to ensure road safety for passenger transport on the territory of Ternopil lasted from 21 to 31 March. Particular attention before leaving the line drawn on the technical condition, operability and basic emergencyx outputs, equipment vehicles used for passenger transport. The audit examined 496 police vehicles, due to technical malfunction nedopustyly into operation two vehicles. Under control conditions were rest periods, as they completed predreysovogo medical examinations and technicalNight view of transport. During inspections of drivers conducting passenger services on the line, special attention was paid to the conditions of carriage of passengers and drivers observance of traffic rules. In conducting activities identified 115 such violations, in addition Ukrtransinspektsiyi workers in compiled 11materials for carrying out the drivers of illegal traffic. The main purpose of the State measures for the control of passenger traffic - to make them safe and comfortable to the person sitting on the bus or trolley had confidence in their own security, and the drivers felt the full measure of responsibility for life and health. For passengers with respectth treated hard work driver and civility and mutual understanding between them have become the norm. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region