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In Ternopil boiler room kindergarten in the area Pidvolochysk transferred to solid fuel

In Ternopil region continues to transfer results to alternative fuels. In particular, solid boiler installed in pre-school and degree in the village. Hnylytsi Pidvolochysky area. Save a palpable noted Ruralkyy head Ilko Stakhurska. "The funds received at the end of December, and soon began work installed boiler for solid fuels, - he said. - So after the winter break room only heats the wood. They have to suffice. In general, the transfer object to alternative fuels cost 200 thousand. " March 27 in frames working visit Podvolochisskiy district deputy head of the regional state administration Leonid Bytsyura examined upgraded boiler room. "Quite quality work performed by contractors - kontatuvav it. - As you can see, the work does not stop even during the heating season. For 2014 we moved to solid fuels about 70 objects, allowingsave gas and a significant amount of money for other projects. " According to the deputy, transfer to solid fuel - is not an end in itself. The main thing - the reduction of natural gas consumption and savings that area residents spend energy. And this is - almost 2 mlrl USD annually. "These funds are" washed out "of the regional economy and directed to stolychNo structures, power generation companies - says Leonid Alekseevich. - This year, our first priority is to organize fuel market since switch over to solid fuels caused prices for wood. In particular, the resumption of Shumsky Peat Plant. In fact, organizational issues are resolved, there is an understanding of the Ministry isnerhetyky Ukraine. At the time of mine head of the company. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration