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In the Transcarpathian region police advises how to avoid becoming a victim when buying a car

One of the priorities of preventive police is to prevent criminal automobile. This was our conversation with the Chief of the comprehensive study vehicle NDEKTS area at MIA Police Lt. Basil Kenyu. - Basil Vasylovychu, what are the main tasks of an expert in the study of complex vehicles? - A change detection vehicle identification number and registration documents forgery; establishing primary content identification number and Research Vehicle registration plate. In conducting the review expert establishes inidpovidnist entry in the registration document with the given name of the car, his model, year of manufacture line, color, and when given identification numbers notation body, engine or chassis establish whether there is a change in or counterfeiting these numbers and or supporting documents meet the standards, or madebe changes in them or if there are signs of forgery. - Often find facts fake identification units numbered designations vehicles? - Last year, our experts examined trasportnyh 8376 vehicles and 3445 conducted research vehicles, resulting in fake numbers found 25 bodies, 3 rooms and one engine nomep motorcycle chassis. Found 10 original numbers of bodies. By the way, expert practice has proved: the smaller the vehicle inspected by experts - the more deceived "transport" scams citizens ... - If the car turns with altered identification numbers, who by this answer, which is the responsibility of the owner of the car waiting for? - Managementvehicle with altered identification numbers or forged documents entails administrative and fake license if signs - criminal liability. Will be held accountable to the new owner of the car. - To avoid becoming a victim of "automobile" rogue, where a person needs to go?- I advise citizens not refuse to purchase cars from passing a comprehensive study of vehicles, as responsible for the observed violations will own a car. Our staff is reviewing vehicles with modern technology to inspect identification signs. - What should be paid attention to prand buying a car? - Brand and model specified in the registration documents, must meet the car you want to buy; - Identification number or text body that is listed in the registration documents, so that printed on the dial box car (and the numbers and letters there must be clearly visible, marked in one districtyadok should have the same depth of application, and the number usually consists of seventeen characters). If you have anything in doubt, I advise you to give up or car or go necessarily expert study. If the vehicle has a dubious origin, the seller is not happy to go for passing the examination. Most vehiclesthese funds with dubious origin, is expensive cars prestigious manufacturers: BMW X6, Audi, Mercedes. Agnes Kurtyak Hust CF MIA