Rivne: Radyvylivschyni court to punish the man who deceived friends examined

criminal proceedings for fraud, Radivilovsky District Court punished the 21-year-old local resident, a fine of one thousand 360 UAH. Last summer, Vladislav, using old and friendly relations and good relations with Vladimir, posturechyv in his notebook, promising to return the next day. By contrast, in neighboring Brody, Lviv region, the guy handed technique in a pawnshop. As Vladislav during this period did not return the financial loan given him bail, officials laptop pawnshop implemented through commission business. Soon, the same guy suffered from cheating andlocal resident Andrew laptop which, in the future, too, has been implemented on a commission bid. - During the investigation of the criminal proceedings in parts 1 and 2 of Article 190 (cheating) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, according to the findings of forensic commodity expertise, victims suffered property damage of more than 17 thousand - Prokomentuvav chief Vitaly Radyvyliv RV Keda. In January this year, between the victims and the accused was signed a voluntary agreement on reconciliation with all taken by the parties obligations. The District Court approved it sure is that the terms of the agreement correspond to articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which defines the con tentso, do not violate the rights and interests of persons and damages friends accused fully reimbursed. However, a felony husband will have to pay a fine of one thousand 360 UAH. Oksana Shuliak Radivilovsky District Police Ukraine in Rivne region