In Chernihiv will be presented A. Nowak book "How to raise the Ukrainian economy"

April 3 in Chernihiv City Council will meet head-presentation of the book "the economics of Ukraine" Andrew Novak. The event starts at 14 o'clock. At a press conference Andrew Novak presents new 5th edition of "How to raise the Ukrainian economy."From the first day of the crisis expert says Ad rejection of external debt of Ukraine, referring to the obligations of the Guarantor Budapest Memorandum. According to his version, to overcome the crisis may be up to a year. All journalists and guests will receive a copy of the new edition signed by the author. The initiator of the event - "Comitet economists Ukraine. " Tel. Inquiries: 0500298228, Tatiana Bashir, Advisor to the Chairman "of the economics of Ukraine". You can also send a confirmation message to network Facebook Department of Public Relations of the City Council