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In Chernihiv change fares in public transport in Chernihiv

from April 2 single cost travel trolley rise of 1.5 USD. 2 USD., on buses - 2.5 USD. 3.5 USD. The corresponding decision was approved March 30 during an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the City Council. According to the head of the Transport and communications'Communications council Vladimir Voronin, the last time fares in urban passenger transport reviewed in October 2014. Since then, fuel and lubricants increased in value by almost 30%, electricity - 10% cost of parts has increased almost 1.5 times. "There is an urgent need to revise fares in the city transport enthose, "- said Vladimir Voronin. He added that most Ukrainian cities browsing fare in public transport upward, based on the price of 3.5 - 4.5 UAH. (in large cities 5 USD.) per trip. He said that the draft decision last month passed regulatory review process, and during that time his proposals submitted by representatives of the yardOh political parties. They called quotations carriers inflated because, in their opinion, the calculations underestimated passenger traffic routes. Local organizations and political parties have voiced demands to improve the service culture in public transport. In turn, representatives of the carriers at a meeting of the executive committee stressedThat "it is not enough money to bring trucks in proper form." The carriers said that without viewing the fares will not be able to meet contractual conditions. "This rate does not speak of rolling stock. This survival rate," - said one of the entrepreneurs. Summing up his speech, Voronin said that the executive committee of needFind balance, after all, carriers are in a difficult situation, but Chernihiv residents have very low wages. In its decision, which will come into effect from April 2, the executive committee Chernihiv City Council established the marginal cost of a single ticket for travel in the bus 2 USD. Buses operating in normal mode andand taxi - 3.50 UAH., although carriers for taxi fare asked to 4-5 USD. per trip. Mayor Alexander Sokolov has instructed the Department of Transport and Communications of the City Council to work on the introduction of new schemes of urban public transport. "I expect that in July we will be able to work on a new transport eastemoyu "- said O.Sokolov. The head of the city commissioned the CP leadership" Chernigov trolleybus management "to provide greater daily (15-20 units) number of trolley routes. "If you will change fare component, we must also respond," - said the mayor. Irina Synelnyk