Transcarpathia: the Mukachivschyni minor stole a neighbor's film for greenhouses and greenhouse

arranged at home with its neighboring yard 9th graders from the village of Big Lucky Mukachevo district stole the film for covering greenhouses and irrigation hoses worth about 450 US dollars. A week later, when the boy settled greenhouses at home, itdelayed the district. A statement about the theft of films for greenhouses and irrigation hose length of 30 meters the police turned villager Big Lucky Mukachevo district. The man said that he left the tape in the yard, and a few days later she disappeared. Interviewing neighbors, a senior local policeman Michael Zidenyk entered the thief. It appeared to be the guy next door. Schoolboy neighbor saw the film and decided to equip it with at home greenhouses. When the neighbor was not home, the boy went into their yard and stole someone else's ... In this incident investigator Gorotdel opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (theft). Continues pre-trial investigation. User infoExposure Mukachevo CF MIA