In Berdichev in Zhitomir region by car trapped under the wheels of a man with a daughter of 88

violations of traffic rules were detected and terminated employees of the State roads in the region over the past days. Arrested 10 drivers for drive vehicles while intoxicated. For the past day were 1 road transportnu accident in which two people were injured. February 16 around 08.30 in. Berdichev, on the street. Vinnitsa, the driver of "VAZ-2105" 50-year-old resident of Vinnitsa region, hit two pedestrians male born in 1986 and a girl born in 2007, residents of. Berdichev, who crossed the roadway from right to left direction relativedriving. As a result of the accident, pedestrians were injured and taken to the hospital. Dear citizens! State car appeals to drivers: Be constantly vigilant with regard to pedestrian Give them an advantage in motion when traveling intersections and pedestrian crossings. Especially be careful in places possible occurrence childrwere on the road. You have the main role in preventing accidents. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region