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In Vinnytsia state payment of wages to employees of enterprises and organizations

Total unpaid wages to employees of enterprises and organizations Vinnitsa region was 16.8 million. This was reported in the Department of Statistics in the area. Of the total debt, 50.9% are economically active enterprises, 39.0% - the entrepreneur,SMEs bankrupt, the proportion of economically inactive enterprises in the amount of debt is 10.1%. In total debt proportion Ukraine Vinnitsa region was 1.1%. Almost half (46.0%) of unpaid wages accounted for, industry. Among other companies the largest share of the debt (24.6%) before labornicks support activities in the transport and construction (13.8%). Arrears of wages to employees of economically active enterprises on March 1, 2015 was 8.5 million. Not timely paid off with working 42 economically active enterprises and organizations of the region. Employees economically actives business that fails to receive wages totaled 2.4 thousand. people or 0.9% of the total number of employees. Each employee who is paid a salary delay owed an average of 3520 USD. The presence of arrears of wages reported by 20 companies bankrupt area, the amount of debt 1March 2015 was 6.5 million. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration