To promote Ukrainian culture in the world create a special institution

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine initiates the creation of the Ukrainian Institute of Taras Shevchenko. The press service of the Ministry of Culture. &Laquo; Creation of an institution of this type will lay the mechanisms for cooperation of civil society and the state in promoting the Ukraikoyi culture abroad & raquo ;, – the vice-Prime ’ Minister Pierre – As Minister of Culture ’ Vyacheslav Kirilenko. The concept shaped an institution based on the experience of Poland, Germany, Great Britain and other countries with authoritative centers for the promotion of national culture in the world. The scientists-authors of the concept, restingcamping on the analysis of the experience of countries that have concluded that the best approach is about ’ together efforts of government, business, cultural and scientific community not only their own country, but also partner countries. The project concept Institute presented for public discussion, which will last until April 30. The developer of the concept is the Ukrainian cult centerurnyh research. Ukrainian Institute will be established as an NGO network type. The purpose of the Ukrainian Institute is to create a positive image of Ukraine in the world and the dissemination of information on cultural, scientific, social life of Ukraine, its cultural heritage and history. According to the project concept, offices Institute zaymatymutsya informing, library and electronic databases, establishing permanent contacts with cultural and artistic and intellectual circles of different countries; to realize overseas projects to promote Ukrainian culture; promote the participation of Ukrainian artists at major international cultural events. Tacois the institution charged with the implementation of competitive grant programs that promote and popularize Ukrainian culture and promote the participation of Ukrainian artists in European cultural programs to attract sponsorship and grant funds for such projects. In addition, the Institute will issue books create films and other audiovisual products thatpromotes Ukrainian culture and art, conduct educational actions. Developers concept offering guided by the following priorities of the office of the Institute: Central and Eastern Europe, where there is considerable interest in Ukraine and its culture (Poland, the Baltic States, Georgia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Romania); large countries where there fromnachni Ukrainian community that will serve as a natural base for socio-cultural activities such institutes (USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Portugal); leading economic, political and cultural terms, Europe and other regions of the world (Germany, Britain, France, China, Japan, India). It is expected that the activities of the network of Ukrainianth institute funded by the state budget funds (grants) European and international cultural programs and charitable donations and sponsorship funds of domestic and foreign businesses to support projects Ukrainian Institute. Told