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In Khmelnytsky held scientific workshop as part of the Ukraine in the European Immunization Week

in Khmelnytsky held scientific and practical seminar "Problems of prevention and treatment of infectious and somatic diseases in children", organized and conducted by the Ministry of Health and the Department of healthKhmelnytsky Oblast State Administration as part of European Immunization Week to improve organizational work on Immunization and Infectious Diseases. The workshop was attended by leading children's experts of the Ministry of Health, MD, Professor, Head of Pediatric Infectious Diseasesand Pediatric Immunology, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. PL PL, Chief children's immunologist MoH LI Chernyshev, MD, Professor, Head of Pediatric Infectious Diseases of the National Medical University. OO Bohomoltsia, Chief children's infectious diseases MOH SA Kramarov totional Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of Children's and Teenagers diseases NMAPO them. PL PL, Chief Pediatrician MOH GV Beketov, MD, Professor, Head of Nutrition and physical illness in infants Public Institution "NIAH NAMS Ukraine" freelance children's gastroenterologist MOWith OG Shadrin, MD, Professor, Head of the Department of Pediatrics 2 NMAPO them. PL PL V. Berezhnyi, MD, professor of pediatrics 2 NMAPO them. PL PL ME Mamenko. Scientists discussed the features of the new immunization schedule and read a series of lectures on such topics as "symptomatic therapy, treatment and preventionIca respiratory diseases in children "," Diarrhea in children. Emergency treatment of dehydration "(Professor VV Berezhnyi)," SARS in children. Some finishing touches to treatment "," Diarrhea in children. Prevention and Treatment "(Prof. S. Kramarov)," Innovative approaches to the treatment of acute respiratory infections and their complications in children and adolescents. Bronhoobstruktyvnyy syndrome workshop for doctors "," Prevention of complications and recurrence of respiratory infections "(Professor GV Beketov)," Differential approach to treatment of cough in children "(Professor Chernyshev LI)," Staphylococcal skin infections in children. Approaches to treatment "," Correction asthenic syndrome in the treatment of infectious and somatic bydiseases in children "(Professor ME Mamenko)," Approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in children "(Professor O. Shadrin). After the seminar, all participants received training certificates. The information was