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Transcarpathia: Mukachivschyni to communicate with citizens head of police forces to combat drugs

During outbound Reception in s.V.Luchky Mukachevo district head of the fight against drug trafficking MIA region police colonel Valery Shnurenko discussed with local authorities and existing problems their solutions. Problems and issues raised during outbound Reception villagers were different. From personal problems to law enforcement cooperation with local governments. Deputy Chairman of the Agriculture John Cuckoo said that the village Large Lucky - one of the largest not only in the region but also in Ukraine. Populationis specific: the Roma living in the village and other minorities, migrants from the east and so on. It operates 6 religious denominations. Manual village requested they increase the number of district police officers and the last release of additional stress at work. That they were engaged exclusively restore order in the country. The village community asconcerned about the problem of drug abuse among young people. There is quite a frequent instances of cultivation and marketing of drugs. So Colonel Shnurenko proposed a new meeting in the village in April, which will invite medical specialists and parents of students. Information Mukachevo CF MIA