The police Volyn set hustlers who stole street sign

Reason for man stole the sign, police talk to the investigation. In another part of Starovyzhevskiy District Police received a report from staff branch "Starovyzhevskiy Avtodor" reporting the theft of a road sign "Yield". An EventI am back in February. Star with wide stolen in the village Dubechnya Starovyzhevskiy area. When leaving investigative team police station to the scene sector workers criminal investigation established that the theft committed a resident of a nearby village. For information about specified registered in fact only register the pre-trial investigations century. 185 (Theft) KryminalnohCode of Ukraine. Reason for the man committed a crime, the police talk to the investigation. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region (Based Starovyzhevskiy PB)