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Zhytomyrski police departed eastward to perform tasks in the area of ??ATU

Twelfth joint unit Zhytomyr police officers went to the Lugansk region last weekend to ensure the safety of civilians east Ukraine. In MIA seconded off family, friends and colleagues. Compulsory briefing before departure, and sincere wishes of good luck and the goodslovinnya sound from the audience of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the region. Traditionally the head of the consolidated unit, this time it's head Berdichev CF MIA Roman Zaitsev, reported on the readiness of hundreds of police officers, almost all districts of the Zhytomyr region, to take up this task. - During the entire period of service in the area antyterorystychnoyi Zhytomyr police operation proved to professional and reliable defenders and, most importantly, real patriots - said, referring to business travelers, acting Head of Internal Affairs Gregory Polkovnikov. - I am convinced that you yourself properly displays. Come back healthy and intact. Among the three employees seconded LubarskyDistrict Police: Assistant district inspector Vadim Jahhimovit? Assistant Duty Officer Yuri Andreev and police temporary detention Ruslan Demydyuk. Before leaving police and his colleagues visited the local temple, where he received the blessing of the abbot Father Basil. And in the hall MIA parental guidance from senior Pocola, Bihoring current guards handed chairman of the regional council of veterans and pensioners of the Interior Victor Brown. Just a few minutes for a brief farewell to family and police took seats in buses. Ahead month of service at checkpoints in and released from terrorists Settlements Lugansk. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine toZhytomyr region