In Ternopil Borshchiv police caught two young men who robbed uninhabited economy

staff Borshiv police department was accused of committing a theft two villagers Windmill-Podolsky. Objects profit moons elected non-residential premises and carried out all that had at least some value. Suspect 22 and 23 years. Theydid not attend school and do not work. Doing unlawful started in January this year. Currently, the police have shown the involvement of the duo thieves to commit three burglaries. Plied night in an abandoned house. They took everything that could resell or pass on the scrap. With 64-year-old mansion pensioner brought gas cylinders and the radioh. Another one economy stolen metal products. Visited attackers also defunct premises belonging to one of the business district. From there, learned batteries. Stolen passed for scrap, and the money spent on booze. As for the suspects started criminal proceedings. Their actions investigators qualify for Part 3 of Article 185 of the Criminalth Code of Ukraine (theft, combined with penetration into the housing). They face three to six years in prison. Law enforcers check ownership of suspects to commit similar crimes. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region