In Rivne area man killed his girlfriend

Saturday night 42-year-old Vladimir and Natalia, villagers Ivanichi, were drunk. During the quarrel man repeatedly struck girlfriend, who died from his injuries. Operatives of the Criminal Investigation Police Station arrested Rivne attacker. That evening Vladimir with friendsvyatkuvav birthday. He returned home around seven in the evening. Natalia was already too drunk. During the quarrel Vladimir hit several times a woman who died from his injuries on the spot. About the incident reported to the police station relative family. According to the medical certificate of death, Vladimir beat Natalya blunt object. In the dead during oglyadu found the head wound, numerous massive bruising, hematoma different parts of the body, internal and external bleeding. The death of a woman was caused severe blood loss. - List the matter included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations under paragraph 2 of Article 121 (grievous bodily harm that resulted in death of the victim) of the CriminalCode of Ukraine, - says Acting Chief of Police Station Rivne Valery Servetnyk. - Attackers are declared suspected of a criminal offense and elected as a preventive measure - detention. Male throughout admitted. For what he faces up to ten years in prison. During the pre-trialOn investigation it became known that Vladimir before criminal charges are not prosecuted. According to villagers, the man repeatedly abused woman, and often - beat. Maria YUSTYTSKA, Rivne District Police Ukraine in Rivne region