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In the Transcarpathian region advice to people on how to act in case of chemical hazards Accidents

enterprises, transport and may be accompanied by the release of product (spout) into the atmosphere and the surrounding area of ??highly toxic substances such as chlorine, ammonia, prussic acid, phosgene, sulfur dioxide and others. It is a serious dangerment for people infected air affects the respiratory system and eyes, skin and other organs. Hazards chemically hazardous substances pollution, danger to all living things that appeared in contaminated areas (death of people and animals, destruction of crops and others.) In addition, due to possible chemical explosion faultknennya severe damage over wide areas. Action in case of sudden chemical hazards: - Avoid panic. On receiving the message (by radio or other means of notification) on the release (spill) into the atmosphere SDYAV and the danger of chemical contamination, do the measures envisaged; - Wear personal protection breathstion and simple skin care; - If possible, immediately leave the area of ??chemical pollution; - If PPE is not and exit the area of ??the accident can not, stay indoors and instantly and securely Seal the room! Close the doors and windows, chimneys, vents, cracks in the frames of windows and doors ZakLeith, turn off the source of gas, electricity and Extinguish fire in the furnace. Expect messages authorities for emergencies through communications. - Know that impressive performance specific toxic substances on humans depends on its concentration in the air and length, so if you can not leave the danger zone, do not panicand continue to take precautions; - Quickly gather the necessary documents, valuables, medicines, foods, drinking water and other necessities in a sealed bag and prepare for evacuation; - Warn neighbors about the beginning of the evacuation. Help children, the disabled and the elderly. They must be evacuated first; - Leavingroom (apartment building), turn off the source of electricity, water and gas supply, take the prepared goods, wear protective equipment; - Go to the area of ??chemical contamination in the direction perpendicular to the wind direction and the bypass tunnel, gullies, ravines - in the lower concentration may be high SDYAV. - For suspected lesions SDYAV avoid any ochnyh loads should drink plenty of fluids (tea, milk, juice, water) and seek medical institution; - Coming from the area of ??infection, remove clothes, wash the eyes, nose and mouth, if possible take a shower; - With the arrival of a new location, check with local authorities and local governmentaddresses of organizations responsible for providing assistance to the victims; To assist in the defeat highly toxic substances (CDOR)? First of all, immediately protect the respiratory system from further action SDYAV. Put on the mask of the victim or cotton-gauze bandage, pre-moistened with water or 2% solution of baking soda in aypadku chlorine poisoning, and in case of poisoning with ammonia - water or 5% solution of citric acid. Move the victim from the area of ??infection and keep him calm and warm. Add ’ Yatai! First aid affected SDYAV in cell chemical weapons is to protect the respiratory system, removal and decontamination resistant SDYAV skin, mucous aboutolonkah eyes, clothing and emergency evacuation outside the infected area. If poisoning chlorine to make the victim from the area of ??infection When you stop breathing administer artificial respiration. Skin, mouth, nose rinse 2% solution of baking soda and water. If poisoning ammonia to make the victim from the area of ??infection, the skin, mouth, nose, rinse with water. In the eyes drip two or three forRapla 30% albutsida, nose - olive oil. If you need to send the victim to the hospital. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region