Unique in Ukraine church volunteer fire brigade is in Transcarpathia

rescue, fire suppression, road accidents, flood – This is a list of all work performed on the territory of Mukachevo and Berehove district Dertsenska Church Volunteer Fire fire team that is reliable assistant promptly-ryatuvalnoyi service Transcarpathian region. In December 2015, the given unit will mark the 10th anniversary of its establishment. Began to work in their unique peculiarities of voluntary fire brigade in December 2005. Then with the religious community. Dertsen bought the dilapidated building, which formerly housed the local office colhospu. The idea to create the fire department there was a local pastor Reformed Church of Nikolai Zhukovsky, which by church funds implements various social projects to help low-income population. "This town is located 15 km away from the district center. Today, the main problem, especiallyname is the remoteness of settlements from the unit's main divisions Operational Rescue Service. Upon arrival to the fire consumes a lot of precious time, which directly affects the effects of fire and destruction of property, "- said Nikolai Zhukovsky. In 2005, communicated with the village community, including of populationent volunteers found. Among them was established and church volunteer fire brigade, headed by himself guru community. Recruits fire case was sent for training to professionals Hungarian Totobani to learn from the experience of working with foreign equipment. Then all employees took a course of tactical training to fight firein comparison element and the elimination of all kinds of emergencies in Mukachevo District Office DSNS unit. Own forces dertsentsi also doukomplektuvaly fire truck equipment Ukrainian standard. it includes equipment to rescue people in the water (life jackets) and chainsaws, respiratory protection devices, tools SALTitlennya, portable pumps, etc. The peculiarity of this team is that duty firefighters carried out at home. Call for assistance may be two phones Mobile Network ’ communications transmitted in shifts. Their numbers distributed by village councils, shops, schools, homes and the public. Upon receiving an alarm message Mr.bus fire alarm is raised and another worth over ten-n ’ fifteen minute car are followed to place the call. All personnel working on a voluntary basis. Currently the department has 40 volunteers who vyyizhdayut for emergency response at two fire trucks. Given the problems of water supplytion, it is especially pronounced in rural areas, for the transportation of water available vosmytonna tank. The unit also has to balance the car for delivery personnel to the scene, six different power water pumps and motor boat. A recently started working with a team and an ambulance, which manned from among the local population,which has medical training. On account of the fire brigade of more than 300 trips to the elimination of various kinds of emergency and fire. The team actively involved to extinguish fires in Mukachevo help rescuers. Also in 2013 dertsenski firefighters were working on flood relief in the district. Danube in Hungary. The very same fire team leader Nikolai Zhukovment says that problems with the functioning of the unit enough to serve as technique and need, and there are some problems with fuel and lubricants, but the work performed by the unit's worth. The greatest value considers saved wealth and human life, and of course thanks to citizens flawlessly executed roboUniv. As noted in the Office DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region, this fire brigade in nature is unique because of its analogues exist in Ukraine and abroad there. Creating this kind of fire units can be an alternative to the local fire department, funded from local budgets. Given the socialno-economic situation in the Transcarpathian region, where the majority of rural councils are subsidized, hold the balance of fire departments goes extremely difficult. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region