Lutsk cyclists among the best in Ukraine and in Europe,

in Uzhgorod in Ukraine ended Cup mountain bike (mountain bike). Absolute champion in the discipline - individual race and cross-country again become our luchanka Jan Belomoina. Also successful were the other members of Lutsk cycling club "Temp" and pupils OSHVSM and ODYUSSH "Yoonth Dynamo. "Diana Gordiyuk won 5th place, and Martha Tereshchuk - 6th place among women. Junior Max Garbaruk and Vlad were Naumchuk this. Also seventh, but was luchanyn Under Nazar Kravchenko. Among girls Lohvynyuk Alexander - sixth, Julia Doroshenko - seventh and Daria Martyniuk in ninth place. At these events, which took placeI am also the last days of March in Uzhgorod, on winning back Lutsk cyclist cycling club "Temp". In the winter Championship of Ukraine Yulia Doroshenko on mountain bike in the discipline of cross-country won, and race up the hill was fourth. Girlfriend teammate Alexander Lohvynyuk race up the hill was fifth, and cross-country - four of girlat. Among women Din Gordiyuk in the same discipline to finish fifth among women. And our leader Ian Luck cyclists Belomoina at the same time successfully performed in the international race class S2 in Serbia, where took second place overall. Also in silver luchanky uphill race and marathon. Congratulations to our athletes and their coaches with successful earlyatkom sports season and wish new victories on the road to Olympic heights. This was reported in Lutsk City Council