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According to prosecutors, principled, Vinnytsia, killer received fair punishment verdict

the Court of Appeal Vinnytsia Oblast, appeal deputy prosecutor reversed the district court judgment Tomashpil which village resident Vapniarka for bodily injury that caused the death of the victim, convicted of ch. 2, Art . 121Criminal Code of Ukraine and exempted from the punishment of testing and probation for a period of 3 years. Prosecutors insisted reversed the sentence because zloumyshlennitsy committed a serious intentional crime. She, being drunk ch ’ yaninnya, metal dustpan, hands, legs inflicted numerous blows to the body of his friend, from which she dieda. The reasons for such atrocities is simple - jealousy. Moreover, the guilt of the crime committed woman recognized only during the last court hearing, though, for the trial of criminal proceedings denied his presence at the scene. According to prosecutors, principled region zloumyshlennitsy received fair punishment - 7 years deprivationtion will. This was reported in the press service of the prosecution Vinnytsia region