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In the Zhytomyr region firefighters prevented the fire destroyed the building housing

March 29 at 21:55 point called ’ communications 7th State Fire and Rescue village of Luginy was reported fire in the trees ’ Yan house located in the village Budo- Litki. To rescue « 101 » said neighbor owner. Househoachyvshy flame ’ I reluctantly ran into a burning house. A man woke up the home and together they began to make household goods. Together with other villagers, they managed to save from destruction of household items. Upon arrival at the place call another department firefighters found that the fire engulfed the roof. Coordinated actionrescue of fire was localized at 22:26, ??and finally eliminated at 1:25. However, flame ’ I managed to destroy the roof. Probably the fire occurred due to faulty furnace heating. At the scene of dead and injured is not. Now all the circumstances set fire experts. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region