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Lviv increased incidence of tuberculosis: call tested

people March 23 to April 23 in Lviv is an action "Days of TB and chronic respiratory diseases." Photo: This March 30 press service of the LCC. The action is timed to the World Day of Ukrainian and combat diseasestion tuberculosis and aims activation information and education, community, health care measures to prevent the emergence and spread of these dangerous diseases. &Laquo; In connection ’ connection to the deteriorating socio-economic well-being of residents, migration, war in the east, the incidence of tuberculosis unionsalizatsiy in Ukraine increased from 52.7 per 100 thousand. us. in 2013 to 56.5 per 100 thousand. us. in 2014. Is also negative growth rate of tuberculosis mortality in Lviv from 8.8 per 100 thousand. In 2013 to 10.6 per 100 thousand. In 2014. This figure increased mainly due to resistant forms of tuberculosis. However, compared to last year,decreased the proportion of destructive forms of tuberculosis from 36,9% to 34,8% & raquo ;, – head of the Department of Health ’ i LCC Vladimir tooth. Told