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In Khmelnytsky in Novoushitskiy area may be a new object recreational use

March 27th regular meeting of Architecture and Town Planning Council at the Department of City Planning and Architecture RSA chaired by the chief architect of the region Dunaevsky Irina. The meeting discussed a detailed plan thatVilhovetskoyi territory of the village council (outside the settlements) Novoushitskiy district, Khmelnitsky region for the construction and maintenance of facilities and recreational purposes. At the meeting were invited: - Landholder International NGO "Our Heritage", director Sergei Alexandrovich Moskovka - Chief architectHector Novoushitskiy area Grinchuk Alexander, the customer; - The chief architect of the project, a private "Project Menas' m. Kamenetz-Podolsk Anatoly Tkachuk, general developer. The main purpose of the planning documentation is to identify opportunities to change the purpose of land from the Agricultural LandArsk destination in recreational land and recreational use of the facility (tourist center) on land area of ??2.0 hectares. During the discussion the Board approved a detailed site plan and recommended to be approved in accordance with the law. The meeting also raised the issue of drawings (graffiti) on the facades of houses in the city. Khmelnitsky, including street Proskurivska 18 (Music). Architects have expressed concern unprofessional approach. This work is not extensive, does not fit into the existing historic building Proskurivska street. To address this issue must be approached more comprehensively. This is the central street of the city, the historyspe cial city center, so first of all you need to connect architects, sculptors, painters, attract investors and must hold a competition. The information was