In Lviv Oblast firefighters eliminate fire in an apartment high-rises

March 29 at 7:54 to rescue was reported on fire in an apartment on the 9th floor of a 10-storey residential building in the city. Lviv on the street. Roksolyana 59. The pre likely cause of fire was a short circuit due to overloading the power supply.The owner of the apartment felt characteristic crackling fire out of the room and immediately caused rescuers. The frightened woman ran out of their own apartments. For 5 minutes the scene came first fire rescue unit. Burning accompanied by strong smoke, making rescue work in respiratory protection devices.Firefighters evacuated from the higher floors of the building about a dozen residents to ensure their safety. At 8:17 in the 2 rescue units gazodymozaschitny service completely eliminated fire. Because fire destroyed household goods an area of ??10 square meters and damaged walls and ceiling of an area of ??30 square meters in the apartment where the fire occurred. Vnaslidok event no injuries.