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Zhytomyr region, overnight rescue fire eliminated 5 times

dead March 28 at 16:10 at the point called ’ communications 15th State Fire and Rescue downtown Baranivka was reported ignition of dry grass in the vicinity of the village average. To rescue « 101 » told the villagers. Upon arrival to the place youClic rescuers from ’ yasuvaly, burning dry grass area of ??about 2 acres and flame ’ I quickly spreads to the side of buildings. Locate fire are managed at 16:33 and at 17:05 completely eliminated, thereby saving buildings peasants he transfer them to fire. The same day the fire area fire eliminated dry vegetationand Novohrad-Chernyakhovsk Luginsky region and a total area of ??about 13 hectares. The dead and injured there. In general, the year is not the first cases of dead wood fire in the open areas. In connection ’ connection with this, the Department of Civil Service of Ukraine of Emergencies in Zhytomyr region encourages citizens to refuseaway from the practice of burning fallen leaves ‚ dry grass and other plant debris. It's not only severely damage the environment, but also leads to other negative consequences, bringing the threat to life and health ’ S people. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region