Valery Cow: "The basic principle of Territorial Communities Association is voluntary" (+ photos) With the participation of

heads of regional state administration Valery Koroviya and people's deputy of Ukraine Mykola Kucher March 27 in Trostyantse held a forum "The first steps of local communities towards decentralization of power "for heads of village, town and cityTrostyanetskogo councils, Bershad, and Haysyn Teplyk areas. Organized the event NGO "Center for Social MHP" for working out joint decisions on reforms local communities and local authorities Vinnitsa region, and to explain the economic benefits of implementing the lawa. Addressing the forum with opening remarks, Chairman of the Regional Governor Valery Cow noted that the country is on the verge of great change and should be understood that includes the concept of decentralization processes and are therefore expected. "The best quality epicenter of local government is the city of regional significancetion. They can elect executive departments and mayors and also possess strong powers to control local budgets, especially in the decentralization process. The second level - the level of village and district mayors values ??- has the power to formal basis, at first glance, they choose, formuyutsya executive committees, but the problem is that these legislators deprived local authorities sufficient financial and resource base, "- said the head of Vinnitsa region. According to him, now began to be implemented the first phase of decentralization associated with making changes and amendments to the Budget and Tax Code kardyntial changed the system of relations in matters of intergovernmental transfers and income that go to the core level. "Put the formation of a new system of local taxes and fees. For example, if a single tax previously ventured into the special fund formed and development budget, but now he goes to the general fund, which makes it possible to these procemos manage "- said Valery cow. The first results of the operation of the system, said the head of Vinnitsa region is already. Thus, compared to the same period last year, revenues from the single tax increased an average of Vinnitsa region by 45%. In addition, a month before the Municipal Budget regional average received 18mln. USD excise taxes on alcohol, tobacco and fuel and lubricants, although expected at 5 mln. USD. Increased also fixed agricultural tax - from 6 to 140 USD per 1 hectare of land. "This is a great incentive to develop the territory to develop business. Because it all together provides the revenuebudget ", - said the head of RSA. But now, he said, the country is in the second phase of decentralization associated with the enactment of the principles of regional policy and voluntary association of local communities. The Head of the region stressed that it is not about the administrative-territorial reform, but the basic principle ob'yedtion is voluntary. "The legislator has built a conversation with territories not through the prism of administrative enforcement, and the light creating incentives for voluntary association of communities. If they pass the process according to the law, the will of budgeting powers similar to those of regional significance. They were the 60% PDFO, bypassing the district shall turn subvention to education and health care, on the expenditure side of the community receive on hold public schools, preschool educational institutions, centers of primary health care and will take evidence administrative centers. The next budget year, lawmakers will have to pass the target subpresent Convention from the state budget to this territorial communities to address specific issues related to infrastructure, "- said Valery cow. The third phase of decentralization, said the chairman of RSA, will be completed election campaign, which will enable the newly elected regional and district councils to form their executive committees and districtEstonians full responsibility for the development of the area. MP of Ukraine Mykola Kucher, in turn, said: The main task now - that information about the processes that occur, and their prospects came to all communities. "MHP set up a social center and there is a question about how to help our communities in the work plan whichuyetsya. This is a methodological, practical and legal assistance. We have extensive experience as government, business and the community work together. So we would like to feel the feedback to understand what each other we can help, "- Mykola Kucher. The Forum participants got acquainted with implementationlegislation on voluntary association of local communities, changes in tax legislation were informed on enhancing the role of local communities in land issues. And after the heads of village and city councils were able to discuss heard in the form of questions and answers and express their own vision on these processes. Creeof that at the meeting one of the communities Trostyanetskogo district took the first step towards unification - the village head gave Stratiyivky Great Head statement on accession to the village community Trostianets. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration