Khmelnytsky region, per night pyrotechnics destroyed 8 Munitions

March 27 at 11 am pyrotechnics Rescue Division Specialty Department of Civil Service of Emergencies in Khmelnytsky Oblast destroyed the 120-millimeter mortar shell during the Second World War, which was found March 26 in the village. In theeselivka Krasyliv area. Then sappers destroyed two 76-millimeter artillery shells during the Second World War, which was found on the street the day before. Of the cooperative. Khmelnitsky. 13 hours March 27 fireworks Rescue Division Specialty PG DSNS area destroyed a hand grenade F-1 in the Second Worldiyny that was discovered in the village. Ohiyivtsi Starokostiantyniv area. Also in the space pyrotechnics destroyed three 82-mm mortar shells that were found during the survey reference areas in pyrotechnics. Starokostiantyniv. Also in 18 hours sappers destroyed a 76-mm artillery shells during the Second Worldovoyi war, which was found yesterday in the village. Kolybayivka stone ’ Kamyanets-Podolsk district. Dear citizens! Follow safety rules detect explosive devices. In no case do not take their hands, carry, disassemble, much less throw them into the fire – This is very dangerous. Immediately report the dangerCNU find to the nearest unit of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies by phone – 101! PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast