Valery Cow: "In times like these, a new elite, and much depends on the teachers' (+ photos)

March 27 Being a working visit to the area Trostyanetskogo, head of the regional administration of state Valery Cow visited his native school number 1 in the village Trostianets. Director Vinnichiny inspected the new building of the institution that entered in exInter- in 2006, his training and physical infrastructure, and spoke to the teaching staff of the school. "I could not come here because extremely loved school. After another meeting with alumni in the old training room promised myself that I will do everything to build the facility, - the regional governorsies Valery cow. - I am proud of my mother Trostyanets school proud of you for the great job you did. It is in these schools in such a difficult time frames forged, forged the nation. " The head of the region noted that today many challenges and many problems. And maybe Ukrainian people had to go this way, and pass itconsciously. "I am deeply convinced that precisely in those days, these days, a new elite. And to you of teaching, a lot depends "- said Valery cow. According to the Head, Ukraine on the verge of major changes that combines the notion of decentralization - a process that enables local community akumulyuvayou financial resources, to take responsibility and authority in order to develop their territory. "This is the tool with which we can in the coming years to form the foundations for financial development and education, health and territory, create new jobs," - said the head of Vinnitsa region. Valery Cow also informedteachers of what is now preparing a comprehensive reform of secondary school. And emphasized that in this difficult time should unite and believe in tomorrow. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration