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In Ternopil begins April 1 month voluntary surrender of arms

from 1 to 30 April in the state and our region will be held monthly voluntary surrender of weapons. The purpose of the operation - counteraction of proliferation of weapons and explosives, prevention of crimes with their use. As the senior inspector of the permit system REGIONALStephen Dzhyndzhyrystyy her police, many residents still despised Ternopil and illegally keeps at home dangerous objects. Last year more than 170 law enforcement officers violated the criminal proceedings into the illegal possession of weapons and explosives. Among common offenses - untimely delivery of weapons held by relatives dieddisasters owners. As a reminder, under applicable law, such weapons have people over five days to give the police a temporary storage to address the issue of inheritance. Law enforcement officials caution: make sure that to avoid criminal liability due for illegal handling of weapons, combatymi supplies or explosives law punishment - imprisonment up to five years. Voluntary surrender of weapons, ammunition and explosives exempt from any (criminal or administrative) responsibility. Use up the option during the month of voluntary surrender of weapons. For delivery, purchase or registration ofbroyi, special equipment, please contact the licensing system units of the Interior in the community. For more information telephone numbers in Ternopil 27-13-11 and 27-13-96. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region