Volyn region, rescuers trained future priests Safety and trained to put out fires in religious institutions

on March 27 in the seminary Volyn Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Lutsk rescuers and volunteers Regional Volunteer Fire Company held a lecture for seminarysTIB and priests with fire safety regulations, to proceed in case of emergency. The audience was told about the main causes of fires, stressed the strict observance of fire safety in the home and during worship in temples and churches the importance of primary means of fire and fire automatics systemsand, roses ’ yasnyly structure and practically demonstrated the principle of the carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. Seminarians were able to learn rules of unconscious person domedychnoyi first aid to save her life by performing indirect cardiac massage and artificial respiration. After the theoretical part they worked these measures on a special mannequin. Tolearning from the best course of action in case of fire, rescue workers organized the tactical exercises involving custody of another special fire fighting equipment. Seminarians had organized the evacuation of the premises, taken measures to extinguish the fire extinguishers conditional and met the fire department. Rescuers spent SetMEDIA car on fire hydrant in the diocese, checked for damage, got involved in special devices on compressed air and a part gazodymozaschitny service managers worked with rescue actions conditional victim and subsequent fire fighting. Management DSNS in Volyn region