More than 150 police officers Zhytomyr participated in exercises anti-terrorist center

rozminovuvaly Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration, released the hostages and terrorists zneshkodzhuvaly - all during anti-terrorist exercise center. The police worked through coordination of actions with other law enforcement agencies. Around 9.30was reported bomb threats Zhytomyr Regional State Administration. To the scene immediately came respective police units and emergency services workers. After the evacuation of potentially dangerous buildings and the surrounding area Explosives experts have started checking information on zaminuvation. At this time the "terrorists", coming in touch with the authorities, reported the taking of hostages and their demands for further action. So as a result of lengthy negotiations of captured men were released, and "terrorists" on their terms provide transport for further transportation. But already a few hundred meters Special Unitand the Security Service and the police forcibly stopped and blocked the vehicle with the hostages, further freeing people and detaining criminals. According to preliminary estimates, the actions of security forces have received rave reviews. - These workouts are permanent and are intended to improve skills actions of the respective units in emergencies or whenterrorist threats, - said Head of the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration Sergey Mashkovskaya. In turn, the deputy chief of Internal Affairs - Head of Public Security Police Internal Affairs Yuriy Swan said that the exercise was attended by over 150 police officers. These features included the evacuation of workers adminustanovy, surrounding the perimeter of potentiallydangerous territory, providing filtration mode, a thorough inspection of premises on the presence of explosive objects and their disposal, as well as other tasks. Detailed analysis exercises to be held later will determine the problematic aspects in the work of all involved departments and notify them of possible real situations. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region