Traffic police officers Bukovina driver helped those in need. (+ Photos)

Citizen of Odessa region of Valeriy Moroz that tractors « Volvo » cart with goods Transcarpathian region, suffered trouble. Juggernaut, loaded boards, confidently overcome hundreds of kilometers, and is approaching departure from the Chernivtsi Oblastthose. It seemed there were no signs of danger on dry surfaces for good visibility. But unfathomable way, every meter it hides a surprise. It is well known to those who manage heavy vehicles. Here, as they say, zarikaysya, you can relax only when « van » rozvantazhuvatymetsya. For now, « unloadingof » came unexpected and unplanned. At the boundary of the village Attacks on Khotyn district vehicle overturned. Entering the turn, the driver may not have taken into account the weight of the tractor, ie, lost control. Fortunately, with no injuries. However, a man in a strange area in peredvechirnyu time free through the problem. HelpingDo Valerii Aleksandrovich traffic police who served on permanent posts DPS nearby. They completely took all the efforts in overcoming the difficult situation. First of all, take care of security, inspected the trailer, put up warning cones defined technical needs to put a truck on wheels. To do this, it took only two hoistingx cranes. Traffic police officers and found them, and people to dumped tens of tons of cargo. Inspectors also took care of the night driver, rest and nutrition. &Mdash; very grateful to the guys, — excitedly says Valery, — not thrown in difficult times. At night, the commander of the traffic police department that serves the stationary post, Major Milicauu Theodore Lupu and his colleagues provided the accident protection. &Mdash; Our Duty ’ Connection — help road users, — said the officer. &Mdash; I want to and on the road, and there was peace in the country for people to help each other. Valery Frost asked to convey my sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in UGAI Chernivtsi regionand employees who came to the rescue, organized emergency work quickly and professionally. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Chernivtsi region