In Ternopil opened a plaque Igor ereti

memorial plaques known to historians, scientists, public figures Igor ereti opened on the facade of the Ternopil Oblast comprehensive experimental art school on 27 March. Until the last days of life remained Games ereta guardian of this school. "Significant event for our institution centuryalo appointment of Igor erety - initiator of its creation, the man who is the symbol of the art of several generations - said the director of the school Ostap Haidukevych. - He led the writing team that developed the concept of the future of the institution. Its use other schools in Ukraine, because this method includes all the aesthetic and spiritual reserveand children. opening a plaque Igor ereti we uvikovichnyuyemo his name among his contemporaries and future generations. " The author of the memorial plaque was known painter sculptor Oles. "We thank the author for creativity and speed of completion, - said the director of culture, religions and nationalities Ternopil oblderzhadministratsiyi Gregory Chergui. - Symbolically open this memorial on the International Day of Theatre. Games ereta made a significant contribution to the arts in general, because every sphere of art can be associated with his name. A special break for our city was the creation of the institution - School of Art in the learning process which he managedsuccessfully combine artistic disciplines and academic subjects. " A plaque daughter and granddaughter opened Igor erety. The memorial sign dedicated venerable fathers. Creative arts school teams made a concert, during which performed songs Igor erety father, who was a poet and composer. This was reported in TernopilsRSA Kyi